Vehicle History Report

 Vehicle History Report

               Why Use Our Service?


More than 300,000 happy customers are using Safe-Vehicle History Report around the world   Why Use Our Service?


The very best vehicle history info

A Vehicle History Report, provides you the most important facts from official sources, including U.S. government title and salvage history. We have access to more than 40 million insurance total loss claims, junk and salvage records and more.



The simplest way

There’s nothing to learn when you use our system. It’s easy, intuitive and quick. Because we’ve designed an interface with customers like you in mind, we don’t deal in technical terms and jargon. We simply search millions of records in mere seconds and provide you an instant report. What could be simple    VIEW HERE  :    


  You will never know, what a vehicle history has been, by just word of mouth.  This is a very simple solution, to not purchase a vehicle, that has been through any substantial damage.


vehicle history


Thanks for providing an affordable alternative to other VIN check providers. I got the title history I needed at a fair price and got the same information others were charging so much for.

Todd Moulton New Jersey, US


vehicle history

Much appreciated! Your service at Safe-Vehicle is so much cheaper than what others charge for the same info.

       Michelle Whann  San Francisco USA



vehicle history

Your report has really made a difference for me. Instead of buying a salvage car, I was able to spend the same money and get a car with a clean record. Your report allowed me to see that I was about to make a bad buying decision.

James ZabinskiLondon, UK


The Best Price

At Safe-Vehicle, we’re as committed to honest, fair pricing as we are to total accuracy. You’ll find that our price is often half what others charge. What are our competitors thinking when they charge so much?


The Privacy You Need

We’re as concerned about security and privacy as you are. That’s why we use SSL encryption of orders and reports to protect sensitive data. And all searched are confidential. We don’t notify the car owner that you’ve made a search about their vehicle history.


The Service You Want

Nothing matters more to us than customer satisfaction – your satisfaction. We have technical assistance available every day to make sure you get what you want and are always satisfied.

  Don’t get taken by just by words of sellers,  do your homework first!  You could be purchasing someone else’s problem automobile or truck. This is quick, easy ,inexpensive way of a vehicle history, to give you peace of mind when purchasing your next vehicle
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